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Urban Dictionary: rank.
by Chum, JSA and Bessie Not Rank May 21, 2005. Get a rank mug for your father Georges. a terrible stink or smell. walking in to a toilet after someone has done a very smelly shit you would comment fucking hell thats fucking rank you smelly twat.
Rank linear algebra Wikipedia.
displaystyle operatorname rank Aoperatorname rank overline Aoperatorname rank Amathrm T operatorname rank Aoperatorname rank AAoperatorname rank AA. One useful application of calculating the rank of a matrix is the computation of the number of solutions of a system of linear equations.
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Rank Wikipedia.
Rank, Nepal, a village development committee. The Rank Group plc, European gaming and leisure business. Rank Organisation, a British entertainment company formed in 1937, now part of the Rank Group. Rank Group Limited, an investment company owned by Graeme Hart.
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rank Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
something is compared to other things of the same type.: the first/top/highest rank of sth A big merger would put the firm into the first rank of global companies. fall/slip in rank The fund has slipped in rank to eighth position in the Nasdaq.
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Rank Synonyms, Rank Antonyms
Rank after rank in succession appeared: literally thousands. That he should now rank as the most expert pilot on the station was quite to be expected. I am more than I seem to be; she who weds me will not lack for rank and titles.
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Rank Definition of Rank by Merriam-Webster.
See words that rhyme with rank Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for rank Spanish Central: Translation of rank Nglish: Translation of rank for Spanish speakers Britannica English: Translation of rank for Arabic speakers. Seen and Heard. What made you want to look up rank?
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pull rank on, to make use of one's' superior rank to gain an advantage over someone. Also, pull one's' rank on. Origin of rank 1 Expand. 1560-70; French ranc noun, obsolete, Old French renc, ranc, rang row, line Germanic, akin to ring 1.
Rank definition of rank by The Free Dictionary.
row Reihe f; Brit: taxi rank Taxistand m; the taxi at the head of the rank das erste Taxi in der Reihe. Mil: formation Glied nt; to break rank s aus dem Glied treten; to keep rank s in Reih und Glied stehen; to serve in the rank s gemeiner Soldat sein; the rank s, other rank s Brit die Mannschaften und die Unteroffiziere; the rank and file Mil die Mannschaft; the rank and file of the party/union die Basis der Partei / Gewerkschaft, die einfachen Partei /Gewerkschaftsmitglieder; the rank and file workers die einfachen Arbeiter; to rise from the rank s aus dem Mannschaftsstand zum Offizier aufsteigen; fig sich hocharbeiten; to reduce somebody to the rank s jdn degradieren?
rank Definition of rank in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
The correlation matrix values were obtained using the Spearman rank order correlation test. We use a generalized inverse of V, however, in case it is not of full rank; if this occurs, the degrees of freedom are the rank of the matrix V.
rank Wiktionary.
From Middle English rank strong, proud, from Old English ranc proud, haughty, arrogant, insolent, forward, overbearing, showy, ostentatious, splendid, bold, valiant, noble, brave, strong, full-grown, mature, from Proto-Germanic rankaz straight, from Proto-Indo-European hre straight, direct. Cognate with Dutch rank slender, slim, Low German rank slender, projecting, lank, Danish rank straight, erect, slender, Swedish rank slender, shaky, wonky, Icelandic rakkur straight, slender, bold, valiant.

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